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GreenPak Will Attend ENVASE Argentina 2019 On September 10-13th

10-13th September 2019

                                    Our Booth #541-3

Alimentek Package is held every two years and brings together the most prominent representatives of the packaging industry both nationally and internationally.
The exhibition is held since 1988. The first events, until 1997, were held at the Municipal Exhibition Center and from 1999 onwards it is held at the Costa Salguero Center of the City of Buenos Aires. It summons the most important companies in the Packaging and Packaging industry, which are distributed every two years in the 5 pavilions of the fairgrounds and receive a large number of specialized national and international audiences.

The last event had more than 28,000 attendees mostly from our country but with a significant presence of visitors from Germany, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Chile, China, Ecuador, Spain, United States, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay. The 2017 edition had 281 exhibitors, among which we highlight the foreign islands / pavilions: 10 North American companies, two islands that brought together 27 Brazilian companies, 6 Chinese companies, a large number of Italian and Spanish companies (some of them through their representations local), which generated great interest in both local and foreign audiences.

Exhibition Hall: Centro Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires

Location: Av.Costanera R.Obligado y J.Salguero

Time: 10-13th September 2019

Booth: #541-3

Please visit our booth for reviewing our new products for 2019.

Hope to meet you !



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