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Diamond Pattern

  • Embossed Pouch for Meat
Embossed Pouch for Meat

Embossed Pouch for Meat

Embossed Pouches

150mm×250mm Embossed vacuum sealer bags
9 Layer PA/PE Co-extruded
2-side or 3-Side Seal Bag
BPA Free

Technical Specifications

Properties Unit Typical Values
Thickness micron 80,85,90,95,100
Seal Width mm 8,10
Cooking Temperature 95(30mins)
Sealing Temperature 155-170
Sealing Time s 1-3
Sealing Pressure kPa 200
Colour / Transparent,Black,White,green,etc.

Structure-Made of a polyamide (PA) air impenetrable exterior and a polyethylene (PE) food approved interior.


Typical Features
l   Excellent sealing results,Easier take-out air
l   Good puncture resistance
l   Excellent gas barrier
l   Moisture proof
l   Longer shelf life for food

Typical Application
Our embossed vacuum sealer bags can be perfect used for liquid/solid food and non-food items:
l   Food based liquids such as Soups, Gravies and Sauces
l   Powders and Granules such as coffee, tea, sugar and salts
l   Chemical Products such as motoring fluid and cleaning products
l   Snacks such as crisps, popcorn, nuts and confectionery
l   Cosmetics
l   Human Foodstuffs
l   Pet Foods
l   Fishing Baits

l   Microwaveable Foods.

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