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Vacuum Sealer Rolls

  • Vacuum Sealer Embossed Roll Bags PA/PE Co-extruded
Vacuum Sealer Embossed Roll Bags PA/PE Co-extruded

Vacuum Sealer Embossed Roll Bags PA/PE Co-extruded

  • Product description:The special embossing on one side of the bag enables excellent vacuum take-out using most vacuum machines on the market.


PA/PE Co-Extrusion Embossed Vacuum Pouch

Test Method Typical Value Unit
Typical Value Unit
Weight ASTM D882 67.34 g/m²
10441 in²/lb
Elongation/MD ASTM D882 420 % 420 %
Elongation/TD ASTM D882 420 % 420 %
Tensile strength/MD ASTM D882 27 Mpa 3916 PSI
Tensile strength/TD ADTM D882 25 Mpa 3626 PSI
Haze ASTM D1003 10 % 10 %
COF ASTM D1894 0.2
O2TR ASTM D3985 48 cm³/m²   @65%RH&23℃
3.10 cc/100in²   @65%RH&23℃
WVTR ASTM D1249 9 g/m².d
0.581 g/100in².d
Sealing strength ASTM D2029 23 N/15mm 8.79 1bf/in


  • Structure 9-Layer Coextrusion PA/PE
  • Seal Format 3 sides sealed
  • Size Range Width within 800mm; Length within 2m
  • Thickness 70/90/100/120/150micron (50-200micron accept custom)
  • Sealing Temp Range 120℃-175


  • Suitable for packing product with high moisture proof requirements for dry vegetables
  • Better vacuum performance; Easier take-out air
  • Effective transparency; Stylish gloss
  • Excellent properties on gas barrier, moisture proof
  • Close to 100% capacity volume ratio by snugly fitting surface of food
  • Longer shelf life, storage time

By Functions:

  • Hot Filling Film Structure for High Temperature Filling Process
  • Elongate Film Structure for Vacuum
  • Low Temperature Film Structure for Freezing
  • Zipper Attachment on Pouch for Reclosure
  • Various Hole Punching on Pouch for Hanging Display
  • V-Notch on Pouch for Easy Tearing



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