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Embossed Pouches

  • Embossed Vacuum Seal Bags Food Vacuum Bags
  • Embossed Vacuum Seal Bags Food Vacuum Bags
Embossed Vacuum Seal Bags Food Vacuum BagsEmbossed Vacuum Seal Bags Food Vacuum Bags

Embossed Vacuum Seal Bags Food Vacuum Bags

Special Surface Channel Bags, also referred to as embossed vacuum bags or textured vacuum bags, these textured vacuum bags have a special embossed surface, creating channels for air to easily be removed from the bag. As a result of their textured design, embossed vacuum bags provide an higher than usual oxygen barrier, which significantly extends the shelf life and flavor of food products, as well as greatly reducing the occurrence of freezer burn and moisture loss, thus reducing waste.

While possible applications for our textured channel bags are virtually limitless, the most common application is for long term food storage. Some individuals also use these embossed vacuum bags to store clothing (which has proven to greatly reduce space requirements when vacuum sealed); emergency supplies and kits; collectible coins (the high oxygen and moisture barrier offers protection against corrosion); camping gear and the like.

Because these textured vacuum bags are able to withstand constant temperatures up to 80° C and 95° C for shorter terms, they are very suitable for sous vide applications.


All resins meet the FDA requirement.

Nylon: BASF or DSM import from Germany, quality approved by Europe.

Bounding-resin: Dupont import from USA, quality approved by North American.

LDPE or LLDPE: DOW or Exxonmobil import from USA, quality approved by North American.

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Why Buy From Us?

Many companies are marketing textured channel bags made from cheap synthetic material, proclaiming that their bags are universally suitable for all standard applications. Some of these companies even falsely assert that their textured vacuum bags are made from LLDPE and NY/LLDPE. Aside from having these bags scrutinized by a chemist or laboratory, there is really no way to determine what a bag is made of. The only real indication a consumer has to determine the embossed vacuum bags they purchased are inferior is the test of time.

We at GreenPak guarantee that our embossed vacuum bags are made from top-grade NY/LLDPE. Compare them with any of our competitors and you will find that our Special Surface Bags, like all of our products, are superior. Our team of Quality Control specialists runs a variety of tests on every production run to ensure that the products we sell are of the highest caliber.


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We aim for helping our clients to find the most suitable package for their products. If a particular packaging application calls for a product outside our existing range, we would welcome the opportunity of working in partnership with customers to develop bespoke solutions.


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