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Sous Vide Series

Nylon/PE Co-Ex Sous Vide Vacuum Bag /Cooking Bag

  • Product description:Sous Vide Vacuum Bag also known as Chill to Cook Bags or Boilable Vacuum Pouches , you can both store and cook food products within the bags themselves, allowing for ease and convenience. These clear

Product Details:

Description Clear/Black/Gold/Printed Vacuum Pouch
Material PA/PE,PE/PA/PE
Width Within 2000mm
Thickness 50-250micron can be customized
Appearance Smooth/Embossed

Product Features:

FDA and USDA approved for direct food contact.

No Loss Of Moisture During Cooking

No Loss Of Flavors

Locks-In Nutrition

Efficient Heat Transfer

Efficient Storage In Fridge


Why should I cook sous vide?

Sous vide cooking utilizes precise temperature control with circulation to produce results that you can’t achieve through any other cooking technique.The reason–when using traditional methods of cooking, you don’t have control over heat and temperature. Consequently, it’s very difficult and time consuming to consistently cook great food.

Consistency. Because you cook your food to a precise temperature for a precise amount of time, you can expect very consistent results.

Taste. Food cooks in its juices. This ensures that the food is moist, juicy and tender.

Waste reduction. Traditionally prepared food dries out and results in waste. For example, on average, traditionally cooked steak loses up to 40% of its volume due to drying out. Steak cooked via precision cooking, loses none of its volume.

Flexibility. Traditional cooking can require your constant attention. Precision cooking brings food to an exact temperature and holds it. There is no worry about overcooking.

Two Types Of Bags For You Choose


                                  Flat Sous Vide Vacuum Pouch/Bag

               Both two saide are smooth,high transparency


                                  Embossed Sous Vide Vacuum Bag

                  One side smooth and One side embossed

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Q1.Why choose us?

Demand: Custom demand are welcomed

Design: Design and Development Team to meet your individual demands

Production: Using famous blowing film equipments from Reifenhauser

Package: cusomized label and packaging ways are available

Payment: Various options to make payment more convenient

Customer Service: 7X24 online service

Q2.Are you a factory or trading company?

We are a factory engaged in the food packaging industry for ten years.We have world-  leading 9/7 layers co-extrusion equipment, 3 splitting lines, 6 embossed film producing line and 20 bag making production lines, raw materials like PA, PE, EVOH etc. Our production capacity is more than 5 containers per day.

Q3.Can you supply samples?

Of course. Free samples are available.


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