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Enhance your brand with flexible packaging!

GreenPak offers innovative packaging solutions. We offer a full range of film products for food, such as vacuum pouches, embossed vacuum pouches, vacuum sealer rolls, forming films, lidding film, stand-up pouches, printed bags, lamination film, VFFS and HFFS material. In addition to food packaging, our films are also widely used in nonfood industrial fields, such as automotive lamination films, CIPP Liner films and packaging of chemical materials. We have exported to the USA, Canada, EU, Russia, South America, Asia and other countries around the world.

GreenPak delivers the notion of offering superior packaging for our customers through strict quality-controlled core activities including: prepress and graphics, film manufacturing, printing, lamination, converting films into bags. We are confident to achieve your needs with advanced technology, excellent service and abundant backups. We strive to satisfy your expectations with high efficiency. Besides, as a customer you have access to extra value-added services such as packaging consultation, film structure development, expedited shipping, warehouse stocking programs, etc.

About Us

GreenPak is an innovative company that manufactures customized packaging solutions for food industries. We supply all standard flexible packaging formats. We have a team of experienced professionals to make sure that the products you receive exceed your expectations. With every order, we strive to exceed the industry standard with our printing, laminating, and bag making performance.


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