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Perfect Quality Assurance

In GreenPak we operate our business based on three principles.
There is no room for error.
There is no room for quality issues.
There is no place for unsafe products.

How do we make this ?

1.   All raw material must be tested before in storage
All our raw material are imported from DSM ,BASF ,EXXOMOBILE ,It’s all from reputation company in the world .So we have the guarantee to provide you safe and eco-friendly products .Every container arrived at our factory ,the purchasing manager ,production manager and QC manager will check the quality together with the test report and technical date they provided for every shipment .We only accept the material by all of them approved .

2.   All process must be tested during the film producing
First step ,before the production ,they will check the material from warehouse to make sure the material all qualified .After they fill in the raw material they will double check parameter’s set up in computer .During the production ,QC will check the films regularly and keep the sample for each roll with the lot number .When the film rolls finished ,they will check again before storage .

3.   All pouches must be controlled ,tested and be tracked
For the start the bag making people will self check for the first 500pcs ,and QC check for the first 1000pcs .During the production they also check every pouches carefully and QC also check at interval of 30minutes .All the box has an unique lot number to track ,and our QC also keep samples for each order each size.


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