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Greenpak Resume To Work From CNY Holiday

In the past three years, we have experienced many unexpected things: epidemic outbreak, normal life and production shutdown unpredictable,shortage of shipment space and crazy increasing for ocean freight, unable to attend the exhibition, inconvenient to go abroad, and inconvenient for customers to visit.

Although there are so many difficult things, for Greenpak, we have always used good, efficient and predictive enterprises management in everything we can do.

Through the efforts of Greenpak team, we have maintained a steady growth in sales amount in the past years.

With the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit in 2023, we have ushered in a new year. China's epidemic prevention and control measures have been lifted. We can go abroad to participate the exhibition and visit customers. We can also receive customers to visit our company as we did three years ago. Greenpak team is looking forward to meeting you.

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