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Lidding films

Multilayer Peelable Tray Lidding Film For Seafood

Product Description

Material: PA/PE co-extruded

Industrial Use: Meat(With or without bones),Fish, Seafood,Cheese,Poultry

Function: Barrier Water Vapour /Oxygen/Odor

Transparency: High Transparency

Appearance: Smooth


The llidding film can be applied to thermoforming rigid trays or for the forming, filling and sealing process of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). our lidding films are also available with customized levels of peelability.


1). Peelable property

2). Less chance of folds

3). Flexible and have more stretch, so less  leakage caused by sharp products

4). Lower Price than other side-seal bags

5). Environmentally Friendly

6). Gives excellent bond strength

7). Food Grade


packaging film greenpak.jpg

Stable and Strong Package

1.Our pallet is 1.12m*1.12m, and the material is made of plywood which can meet  high standard for export.
2.Use stretch films for pack the rolls, more pallet wraps at bottom can make pallet more solid, forbid contamination.



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