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  • Vacuum Bag Supplier - SGS FDA BRC Approved Food Safe for Cooking
Vacuum Bag Supplier - SGS FDA BRC Approved Food Safe for Cooking

Vacuum Bag Supplier - SGS FDA BRC Approved Food Safe for Cooking

  • Product description:As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various food packaging materials in China, vacuum pouches are our main product. Our products are food grade and the quality confirmed, SGS and FDA

Vacuum Bag Supplier - SGS FDA BRC Approved Food Safe for Cooking

GreenPak's vacuum bag is Food Safe. We have certificates like SGS, FAD, ISO, CFIA and BRC. The nine-layer co-extruded film structure containing PA and PE materials makes the bag particularly strong in barrier properties, with low oxygen and water vapor transmission rates. Our bags can extend the shelf life of food by 5 times and for sous vide cooking at 95℃.



Suitable for storing solid or liquid food and non-food items, such as meat, fish, cheese, seafood, dairy, poultry, nuts, medical, etc.


Customized sizes are available.(No length limit, width max to 2200mm)
Common size:For cm: 15x20, 15x25, 15x35, 20x25, 20x30, 25x30, 20x35, 25x35, 30x40, 40x50cm For inch: 6"x8", 6"x10", 6"x12", 8"x10", 8"x12", 10"x12", 10"x18", 10"x20", 12"x14", 16"x20"
Multiple thicknesses are available.(Range from 40-200 micron)

Common thickness: 50/60/65/70/75/80/90/100/120 micron


Temperature Resistance: Meet your requirement processes for the preservation of foodstuff. Frozen preservation at -40℃, boiled at 95℃

High Barrier: Excellent gas barrier properties, low water vapor transmission rate and low oxygen vapor transmission rate. In addition, it has good aroma retention.

Perfect Sealing Performance: Seal temperature Start from 120 ℃ to 175 ℃ with the best performance. The sealing strength is stronger than 30 Newton. It is suitable for various vacuum sealer machines.

Various colors & Printing Customized: Various colors available and max to 10 colors gravure printing available. Professional design helps your product packaging be more awesome.

Vacuum Pouch sous vide bag-Greenpak

13FAQ 13

Q1.Are you a factory or trading company? We are a factory engaged in the food packaging industry for ten years.

We have world-leading 3/5/7/9 layers co-extrusion equipment, 3 splitting lines, 6 embossed film producing lines, 20 bag making production lines, raw materials like PA, PE, EVOH, etc. Our production capacity is more than 5 containers per week.

Q2. What's the minimum quantity(MOQ)? Usually one ton. It can be communicated and adjusted according to the special requirements of customers.

Q6. Can I get a sample?

Yes, we'll be glad to provide sample for free, but appreciate your help with the freight cost.

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