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  • 3-Side Vacuum Pouch for Ham
  • 3-Side Vacuum Pouch for Ham
3-Side Vacuum Pouch for Ham3-Side Vacuum Pouch for Ham

3-Side Vacuum Pouch for Ham

  • Product description:Most food products require modified atmosphere or vacuum packaging, such as fresh meats, processed meats, cheese, seafood and other perishable products.


  • Structure 7-Layer Coextrusion PA/PE
  • Seal Format 3 sides sealed
  • Size Range Width within 800mm; Length within 2m
  • Thickness 70/90/100/120/150micron (50-200micron accept custom)
  • Sealing Temp Range 120℃-175

High Barrier:

  • 2 PA layers totally and PA surface layer, perfect puncture resistance;
  • PE layer direct contact food, very healthy;
  • Oxygen transmission rate less than 1 cm3/
  • Moisture transmittance less than 5g/m2.d;
  • mLLDPE sealing layer, with excellent sealing performance;



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