Pioneer Force in the Field of Intelligent Manufacturing
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Pioneer Force in the Field of Intelligent Manufacturing

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-03-19      Origin: Site

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GreenPak once again showcased its outstanding strength in the field of intelligent manufacturing. As a crucial part of the 'Visit Alumni Enterprises, Forge a New Chapter of Development' series organized by the Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Alumni Association of Nanjing Agricultural University, GreenPak drew significant attention from industry insiders.

As a young, flexible and innovative functional packaging manufacturer, GreenPak has obtained prestigious certifications such as BRC, SQF, FDA and CFIA, demonstrating its competitive prowess on the international stage.


During the visit, the team delved into GreenPak research and production base, witnessing its orderly environment, advanced equipment and efficient processes, indicative of its robust production capacity and stringent management. Colin Wang, the CEO of GreenPak, shared the company's journey from humble beginnings to industry leadership, driven by a commitment to meeting market demands and innovating to provide high-quality, value-added products.

The visiting team lauded GreenPak's performance, while the Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Alumni Association pledged to strengthen alumni exchanges and cooperation, fostering significant advancements in technology and market expansion for alumni enterprises, and contributing to the thriving intelligent manufacturing sector.

GreenPak will further bolster collaborations with universities, driving towards continuous improvement and offering superior products and services, as we, together with industry partners, propel the intelligent manufacturing sector towards a brighter future.

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